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Venturi: Our Story

At Venturi we have been providing our customers with convenient, quality safety products for over four decades. From our very first product, the TarGard® Cigarette Filter, to our current generation of expanding brands, we continue to uphold uncompromising standards of quality and innovation. All of our products are designed to stand up against the rigors of time and heavy use, which means they will function reliably without fail. Venturi is a manufacturer who delivers great products at a great price. And while it is difficult to put a price tag on your time, you can rest assured that our innovative designs will streamline your daily routine.

In response to today's rapidly evolving marketplace, Venturi Inc. distributes products through a growing number of distribution channels including retail, hospitality, government, and other various other outlets. Venturi brands are recognized and requested worldwide by our loyal customer base, many of which have been choosing our products since we first introduced them over 40 years ago. To learn how you or your company can become part of our ever-growing team, please contact us today by using the following link: Contact Venturi.

The Future of Innovation at Venturi

With all of the knowledge gleaned from years of manufacturing experience, Venturi continues to grow on the strength of our trusted brands. In the coming decades, you can expect more innovative products from Venturi, which are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of our diverse customer base. More so, you can count on new and improved product designs and an unwavering commitment to customer service.

To learn more or to purchase Venturi products, please click on one of the following links:

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