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Venturi, Inc. is an internationally acclaimed manufacturing, marketing and distribution company known for developing unique and innovative products ranging from modern home and bath accessories to reusable, high-filtration cigarette filters. Through our internationally recognized brands -- SlipX Solutions® and TarGard® -- we provide creative, quality products that enhance and simplify our customers' daily lives. From our popular Snug Plug®, to the drug store industry's best selling brand of cigarette filters, Venturi provides a diverse product line that offers quick and easy solutions to life's every day tasks. At Venturi, we continually strive to provide unsurpassed customer service, and are proud of our long history of providing recognized and demanded brands.

A Consumer-Oriented Company: Venturi

All of the products produced by Venturi have the singular objective of improving and simplifying the lives of our customers. Our SlipX Solutions bath safety products address issues common to every household, such as keeping drains clear, and keeping floors and other surfaces clean and safe. And our TarGard Cigarette Filters offer smokers a reliable filter option. At Venturi, our goal is to make products that provide real, tangible benefits to our customers. To learn more about our full lines of bath safety products and cigarette filters please click here.

Forty Years of Demonstrated Manufacturing Success

For over four decades, Venturi Inc. has been providing customers with the best products money can buy. Since 1963 when we sold our first TarGard® reusable cigarette filter, we have remained focused on developing and manufacturing products that improve the lives of those who use them. Over the years, Venturi has partnered with companies from around the globe to efficiently and responsibly develop and manufacture items that are used by consumers everywhere.

Venturi Business to Business

Venturi is proud of our expanding list of commercial clients who rely on our quality products and demonstrated integrity. We welcome you to our exciting family of brands and invite you to discover why our customers insist that nothing but Venturi products will do. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Venturi customer or distributor, please contact us by utilizing the following link: Contact Venturi Inc.

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